who is zenchild?

The "zenchild" skinny
Zenchild was created officially in 2008, but I've been involved in the world of creativity and communication for over 15 years (well more than that if you count my derwent pencil drawings I laboured over as a child). My years in the industry to develop my own breed of service in the online space, working in a relaxed but professional fashion with new and old clients and other web development specialists to deliver quality online solutions.

Some other intersting things about me.
1. I’m a yoga obsessive (in fact I’m a qualified teacher)
2. I am partial to a good drop of red.
3. I am totally pre-occupied with the power of positive thinking Oprah’s got nothing on
4. I love seeing people involved in the work that they love to be doing. That’s why I’ve followed my heart and design is my thang!
5. I crave learning experiences, and to travel, that’s what life is all about.
6. I am mumma to gorgeous little girl Sunday, who I love to bits!
7. I like organic vegetable gardens, mine is in it's infancy, but showing good signs thanks to my worm farm tea.

Some important little pieces of paper I have.
2005 Post Graduate Certificate in Multimedia (Distinction), Victoria University of Technology

1998 Bachelor of Arts Honors, Fine Art (Distinction) R.M.I.T.

1997 Bachelor of Arts – Fine Art (Distinction) R.M.I.T.